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Unity 2022

U.S. Congressional TX CD 7

My Brand:

My brand is one of inclusion, renewable energy development, and economic gardening.

My Story:

My name is Rudy, and i am a proud Texas born, LGBTQ American. My father immigrated to the United States Legally, he was job-less, penniless, and had no idea what he was going to do to put food on our table. We ate off of cardboard boxes in our small Texas Livingroom. Yet, his vision was, not of us shackled in poverty, or succumbing to the stigma of being a Venezuelan immigrant. Instead, it was one that allowed for him to start up a small home business in his garage in Houston, raised out of the ashes of a crumbling Venezuelan economy, and an American recession. Somehow he managed to start his small crabbing business, a small venture which grew into an international industry that produces millions of dollars, and employs thousands of people in Venezuela keeping them housed and fed in the face of growing starvation, the rise of corrupt socialism, and a disappearing economy. You see, my father’s story changed my views on socialism, and shed light on the true responsibility of capitalism

In capitalism, the linchpin of what holds the system together is that, the responsibility of the CEO, or those at the top of their organization is not to only enrich themselves, but also to enrich the community they sustain. That without that key piece, the whole system falls apart.

What I’m talking about, is the difference between Allentown and Jamestown. That when you destroy social capital, the top of an organization will tend to collapse on the community that sustains it and therefore you end up with social disasters like Youngstown. A community that failed to adjust to global forces whereas Allentown successfully integrated policies that sustained its economy. The Garden Club failed to save Youngstown because it lacked forms of social capital and thus its higher structures and industry collapsed over the community that sustained it

My story is also one that stems from my mother working hard at her community college to keep food on our table and Christmas presents under the tree. She always treated people with a sense of inclusion, dignity, and respect. A mother that taught me that our vulnerabilities are what make us human and unique. That tackling our vulnerabilities head on will lead to empowerment and self-respect. A mother who gave freely and was willing to do anything to ensure our survival.

My message:

Looking at my parents I understood that society has a responsibility to its citizens, in the same way that companies must answer to their employee’s needs. That needs are at the core of what holds us together as a republic. That alone, we cannot stand, without the aid of those who provide for us and help us along our journey. That those at the top must answer to the needs of its citizens, and its citizens must agree to the terms of its rulers in order to have an effective social contract. That inclusion sets up cooperation and diversity.

 We as a people have a need to feel safe, to live free, and to pursue our happiness. We have a need to let our children know they are safe from harm and that they can sleep soundly at night. We have a need to secure our borders, and to ensure the survival of our offspring. We have a need for clean air, food, and water. To feel included and not marginalized. We have a need for values, structure, to preserve our history, our identity and to feel our emotions uninhibited by others. To place ourselves within our community and to worship as we see fit. It is a need that has most recently come under attack. As a young high school student in Kingwood Texas, I learned that the right to swing our fists stop where their noses begin, a value I see persistently violated by todays political environment.  That corrupt socialism cannot possibly serve the wide range of human needs and interests. That identity stems from the republic that houses its freedom allowing it to exist. That those standing afar could only admire the delicate fabric that composes Americas diversity. A republic that protects the freedom to be, feel, love, say, and worship uninhibited by those who seek to divide us.

Moments where my life was seriously impacted:

The first moment I can recall was when I saw Venezuela, one of the strongest economy’s in south America, where citizens could afford to simply go on vacation for the weekend on shipping sprees to Miami, descend into hunger, starvation, and the total breakdown of civility into anarchy. That corrupt socialism, and communism funnels private goods and state sponsored contracts into the hands of a small winning coalition.

In 2016, the republican winning coalition represented a broader, range of interests, than previous years, thereby securing the election. That inclusion for a wide range of business interest ultimately diversified the economy to the levels we see today. That true democracy is more inclusive than the seductive marches of corrupt socialism.

Most recently, my views on the international political economy were impacted by the views of Harvard Professor Jeffrey Freiden, in regards to the FED; I realized that liberalism in terms of economic power means unregulated trade which infringes on our ability to compete on the international platform. That we must use realistic policies in regards to international trade.

This leads me to conclude that cash flow must be regulated, in order to overt unchecked inflation. Suppressing the prices of American goods, and allowing the U.S. to keep its manufacturing prices lower and more competitive is good for our economy. Structurally, this type of monetary engineering artificially generates a sense of competitiveness on the international platform. Therefore, lowering interest rates at a central bank or Federal Reserve Bank, would lower cash flow, keeping inflation rates low, increasing international competitiveness, while also suppressing prices both domestically and on the international platform.  

During a moment of leadership, as an undergraduate student in Juneau Alaska, I realized that gratitude is one of our sharpest tools in galvanizing a community. That gratitude stems from inclusion and not fear. That as a community we can measure our success by the gratitude expressed by those we interact with.


My vision is one of unity and inclusion, of preserving the American dream for its core beliefs, …. well maybe with some modern vantage points 

It’s a vision of inclusion where being a party member is not about your age, race, religion or gender. 

It’s a vision where children are allowed to pray in their country school house

It’s a vision where schools are allowed to cultivate a culture of morals and principles based in our faith and family values of unity and hope 

I believe in a message of inclusion, where being stuck somewhere in an aisle seat in the cold halls of congress can be a cold and lonely place 

It is a message of reaching across the aisle and looking our brothers and our sisters in the eye with humility, warmth and respect. To welcome diverging views, instead of converging and diverging in a gray zone of uncertainty. Where a passport is not needed in order to visit California, or Texas. 

It’s a vision where “we the people” can tackle our vulnerabilities without overreach; allowing us to live outside our comfort zone or settle within it although outside is often where the magic happens. 

I have a vision of a green wing to a political party, where the city on the hill, is situated on a lush backdrop of clean air, clean water, the maintenance of our public parks and a greener future for our children. 

It’s a vision where the Paris accord dims in comparison to our truest potential for a sustainable biosphere. 

I believe Americans can invest in our sustainable development in a way that outcompetes the Paris accord by doing it “better”; by allowing private industry to participate in renewables without senseless regulations.  

It’s a vision where smarter policies replace legislation that strangles our economy with more innovative and collaborative solution to environmental policy. 

It is a Vision, where the rise of technology does not eclipse the human spirit. Of American sovereignty in a world of impending globalization. 

As citizens face the rise of the tech industry, I believe in protecting our privacy, in a fair and neutral platform for both parties. 

It’s a vision where our pursuit of life, liberty, and justice is not infringed upon by the growing influence of private interest groups. 

I believe in a free economy that is both competitive and inclusive to a wide range of interest. 

Of the merging of mutual interest and the diversion of those that threaten our republic, our democracy and our sense of social unity. 

I have a vision of a diversified economy that is inclusive to business outside of resource extraction while also serving the needs of our citizens.  

It’s a vision where America invests in its renewable infrastructure. 

It’s a message of inclusion across the renewable energy spectrum.

It’s a renaissance in renewable technology that can be infused with current resource based pre-existing industry. 

It’s a vision where our tax dollars are funneled into stimulating and incentivizing and even helping to build a green wing to resource based industry such as our petrochemical infrastructure. 

I believe in fair multilateral agreements that serve American interest but also create win-win scenarios for our international partners.  

It’s a message of reduced tariffs with the inclusion of quotas on imported goods, thereby limiting the availability of imported goods to the public allowing for local businesses to compete with foreign goods, without excluding our trading partners. 

I believe in an inclusive Federal Reserve Bank. Where the interest of American based banking is allowed to participate in the FED. 

I believe in policy that limits the influence of the FED when our economy is in recovery. That limiting the availability of money in the system also reduces prices thereby making American goods more competitive. That keeping interest rates suppressed during a recovery will help make American goods more desirable abroad. 

Where the international trade commission has more power to intervene in trade infractions, leveling the economic playing field at home. 

I believe in a realistic approach to international politics. That overly liberalized economies can lead to austerity in some ways for foreign states that find themselves on the losing end of a trade deficit 

Thus it’s a vision of realistic inclusion when it comes to our international partners 

I believe that growing international banking influence in the east poses a threat to the world bank and American interests 

I have a vision of orderly and thoughtful immigration. Where women and children are not being smuggled over the border dying in refugee camps or perishing at the hands of human traffickers anywhere.

My hopes are that these values ring true in the halls of freedom to anyone hearing my message, and that as a society we embrace forgiveness and cultivate a message of restorative justice and unity. That we look towards the future with the wisdom gained from our past, from generation to generation. 

God Bless You, and God bless the United States of America.

Rudy Atencio 

Your America

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