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Restoring the U.S. Mexico Border.

When we win, and we will; I will hold the Biden administration accountable; and will initiate a probe for funding the rush to the U.S. Mexico border, a maneuver against our peace and security interest.

 My name is Rudy, and i am a proud Texas born, American. My father immigrated to the United States Legally, he was job-less, penniless, and had no idea what he was going to do to put food on our table. We ate off of cardboard boxes in our small Texas Livingroom. Yet, his vision was, not of us shackled in poverty, or succumbing to the stigma of being a Venezuelan immigrant. Instead, it was one that allowed for him to start up a small home business in his garage in Houston, raised out of the ashes of a crumbling Venezuelan economy, and an American recession. Somehow he managed to start his small crabbing business, a small venture which grew into an international industry that produces millions of dollars, and employs thousands of people in Venezuela keeping them housed and fed in the face of growing starvation, the rise of corrupt socialism, and a disappearing economy. You see, my father’s story changed my views on socialism, and shed light on the true responsibility of capitalism. 

society has a responsibility to its citizens, in the same way that companies must answer to their employee’s needs. That needs are at the core of what holds us together as a republic. That alone, we cannot stand, we must always remember that it's "we the people" who elect our public servants, in order to have an effective social contract. That inclusion sets up cooperation and diversity and that as your represntitive i will always fight against the marginalization of any race or group regardless of being gay, straight, black, white or latino.

 We as a people have the need to feel safe, to live free, and to pursue our happiness. We have a need to let our children know they are safe from harm and that they can sleep soundly at night. We have a need to secure our borders, and to ensure the survival of our offspring. We have a need for clean air, food, and water. To feel included and not marginalized. We have a need for values, structure, to preserve our history, our identity and to feel our emotions uninhibited by others. To place ourselves within our community and to worship as we see fit. It is a need that has most recently come under attack by the left.

Corrupt socialism cannot possibly serve the wide range of human needs and interests. That identity stems from the republic that houses its freedom allowing it to exist. That those standing afar could only admire the delicate fabric that composes Americas diversity. A republic that protects the freedom to be, feel, love, say, and worship uninhibited by those who seek to divide us.

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The Dream Big America Project, and the proposal for the Great American Shipping Channel (2022)

The Dream Big America Project is an oil and gas, and renewable energy project, that will generate thousands of jobs, in multiple industries, pay for medicare access for all through a PFD, generate industry and tourism, provide a path to citizenship for our dreamers, increase national security, decrease human trafficking, decrease drug smuggling, have a direct impact on our opioid crisis, meanwhile solving the rising water and drainage issue in my hometown of Houston. 

The expansion of the Houston shipping channel will expose hundreds of underground networks working against our peace and security interests, as it approaches the U.S. Mexico border. The shipping channel will also generate 1.5 trillion dollars in revenue Eurasian trade that will secure all of our Eurasian trade routes. China is currently building artificial islands in the South Pacific, as well as their own canal in Central America, in order to choke the U.S. out of all Eurasian trade, leaving American consumers stuck paying higher prices for imported goods. They are also outbidding the U.S. in Panama. Lets show the Chinese that we mean business. 

The canal will generate a permanent fund dividend PFD, based in resource extraction which will extract the raw materials that will help build a greener infrastructure. The PFD can then be used as a tool to help us pay for the comprehensive medicare access program.

Has anyone stoped to ask why don't we build big anymore? The shipping channel is a project i am proposing for our border, one that would be built with love and not divisiveness, out of dreamers who dare to envision the American dream. America is a land where true success, comes from a spirit of inclusion. Can we bring America back together? To send the message that together we can change the world, but we have to DREAM BIG! We are a nation of day dreamers, who dare and have the nerve, the gall, to know what is under the surface. To share our hopes, our dreams, our fears with those showing up for a better life on our shores.

Shores of hopes, shores of dreams, shores of a hopeful future. That we are one people, one civilization, one movement.

That we are a multicultural patchwork who all belong and strive for that genuine connection and spark that you feel when you meet a newcomer. That out of many we have given rise to one perfect union.

That Love is what will wash away the festering wound of our border crisis. Free love, one that gives rise to the American dream, and that spark you feel when you first meet someone is that spark that leads to life and not death. To loud audacious moves not silence, to liberty and never oppression. That the spirit of Unity is together not separated by walls. Its the spirit of togetherness as one people one voice under one sky, that united we will stand, that a thousand points of light will decorate our skies with dreams shining brighter than any star. That through love persistence and grace our civilization will survive this hiccup in history. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.



Health Care

Recently our healthcare has come under attack, The V.A. is a total disaster former republicans have ignored the issue but I will fight to make sure that never happens. By devising a medicare access for all program, I have distilled a way to pay for it, through a PFD program generated by the Dream Big America Project.

The Anti-Corruption Act

I have set the standards very high, and will continue to fight for change based in our reach for human sovereignty, free from institutional bias and our struggle for equality until our vision of a more perfect union has been reached. One of our hallmark messages is the Anti-corruption-act, which pushes for term limits, and highly restricts campaign financing practices often overshadowing prudent capitalistic practices. 

As such this will help serve the agenda of introducing the Anti-Corruption-Act. My political opponents have raised millions in favor of their endorsers not the people. Their coalitions are comprised of mega corporations and oligopolistic interests. 

This year alone, 100 billion dollars will be spent on campaigning. Those funds could have saved millions of children, given healthcare to millions, and served millions of military veterans.

Part of our campaign is focused on waking constituents up to the fact that politicians are no longer looking out for the needs and interests of their constituents. They are focused on winning on a "grass roots donation based campaign" with constituents unaware that their needs, will after the election be overshadowed by crony capitalism.

Capitalism in the 21st century

I am focused on an agenda of prudent capitalism and small business interests, will be at the top of my priorities. I have been transparent from the beginning in my objectives. The hybrid means that USAID, and government contracts would go to serve the needs of community based business and level the playing field for all.

We are fighting for equal pay for equal work, gender equality, your healthcare on a federal level, and raising the minimum wage. Recently, the U.S House put a bill forward that would have raised the minimum wage, however your representative voted against it. I will make sure you get a raise through a tax subsidized pay increase to your minimum wage so that you can put food on your tables and have enough to put Christmas presents under the tree.

The M.A.B.U.S. Bill

Peace only becomes possible through the lens of liberty, diversity and mutual cooperation that starts on the local, district, and regional level, as our forefathers had originally envisioned. Please take a look at the Making America a Better Unified State Bill and sign the proposal. Together we can cultivate unity! 

A Clear Path to Clean Nuclear Energy

The recent abject failure of the Green New Deal is a close and personal issue for me caused by the rise of leftist policies, which compromised our safety leading to the tragic deaths of constituents within our district. As democrats have pushed to sell off our energy grid to big tech's recent acquisition of wind and solar Texans have experienced  decreased Diversity of our energy grid. That is why we are pushing to repeal and replace the Green New Deal, with a more diversified grid that includes clean nuclear energy. That is our vision! 

Rudy Atencio has a history of excellence, and holds the public interest very close to heart. Please explore our site to find out more about Rudy Atencio, and how the Dream Big America project, and Equality Act will affect our vision for change for the upcoming U.S. Congressional election for the TX CD 8. (R) (2022)




We can all agree that marriage equality is an earned benefit, yet our rights have not come easily to both LGBTQ or women. Which is why i am proposing to amend the equality act to protect women sports, while also creating an age appropriate conversation about gender.


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At a forum in The Woodlands on Thursday, candidates vying to replace retiring Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX-08) weighed in on a range of hot-button issues and unanimously agreed that President Biden and General Milley should both be removed from office.

Hosted by the Montgomery County Republican Party, the forum featured 10 of 12 candidates who have reportedly announced for Congressional District (CD) 8, a historically heavily Republican district that encompasses all or portions of nine counties including a sliver of Harris County.

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